Festival of Transition

Opening in 2006 after ten years of work, British Petroleum's $4 billion pipeline, running from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean, has become an icon of globalization. Over a thousand miles long, it weaves a route around the Russian and Iranian borders, transporting oil and gas to hungry Western markets. By traveling along its route, James Marriot and Mika Minio-Paluello have traced the shadowy forces and institutions behind it, meeting whistleblowers, security forces, local villagers and fishermen; in doing so, they exposed a story of cracked coatings, new arms races and displaced local communities. They explore, too, the wider forces the pipeline represents, from state repression, investment banking and energy security, to environmental degradation and social movements. Join James for a taste of that tale on London's streets.

You will need: shoes for walking and the ability to travel through space, time and matter


£5 + booking fee from http://oil-walk.eventbrite.co.uk/