Festival of Transition

The future is hard to predict but one way or another our economy and society will change dramatically as we adapt to the end of cheap fossil fuels, address the threat of runaway climate change and fix our broken financial system. A new, positive approach to this transition is emerging which sees it as an opportunity to change all of our lives for the better.

The Festival of Transition is a series of events, talks and walks up and down the country culminating in a nationwide day of action and re-imagining on Wednesday 20th June 2012, the first day of the UN Earth Summit in Rio. It's an invitation to explore how overcoming big challenges can lead to better lives for us all.

20th June 2012: 24 hours of possibility

On 20th June 2012, the longest day of the year and the day the UN Earth Summit in Rio begins, you’re invited to conduct your own real life experiment in living differently, in showing what's possible.

Experiments could involve family, friends, work colleagues, fellow students or even people you’ve never met before. They could involve the whole town or they could be more personal.

During and after the 24 hours, we’d love you to share your photos, videos and stories, which will be broadcast directly in Rio and archived online to provide a lasting source of inspiration for public and policymakers alike.

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What if…? events

From now until June, museums, galleries and public spaces across the country will be hosting debates, talks and workshops asking the question: What if…?

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Transition walks

Transition Walks, in association the Ramblers Association, explore how great change happened in the past, is already happening and can happen, if we choose to act, over the next two decades. Explore how we might overcome the challenges we face, experience change in motion and be inspired to tell your story walking.

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The Festival of Transiton is an opportunity to re-imagine the future, to taste transition for yourself. Together we can send a message to our friends, families, communities and world leaders that we're ready to embrace change and make something great of it.